1.Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

Reflective listening : 

This exercise focused on importance of listening skills. It is important to avoid cognitive thinking while performing this activity as one might miss some important points of the user. Also, this required stepping into the user shoes to understand the feelings and understand their perspective. At first, I tried comforting my user by having an eye contact and proper nods. This helped her to open to the situation and speak more fluently. I let user to narrate her entire thoughts as it was crucial not to impose or lead the user. I could capture her thoughts and verify them at the end.

While speaking, I was a bit uncomfortable as i was failing to get thoughts on the topic. I took a minute and channelised my idea and narrated the entire experience. I avoided framing a situation and keep the conversation real.

Defamiliarizing of everyday reality :

Looking at the transport video, I could find myself thinking about the daily thoughts that i perceive while seeing a bus or a train. I discovered humans tend to ignore the minute details present at places we visit everyday. It was a reflection to me as to things that I miss while taking a public transport. Also, I could relate this to physical stimulus as these thoughts are common after a long day at work.

I found writing on paper without blocking my thoughts interesting. I let myself to scribble as much as  i can to identify things which i would have never done on a busy day.

Empathetic Modelling :

Blurring of images was a unique experience as i failed to realise things which I would have done with ease. Sitting in the classroom, I could hardly identify my notes. This helped me to think in a more critical way as to how people can see things differently. It made me realise the importance of valuing different insights of people.