1.Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

a. Reflective listening

  • The first thing I learned is that listening without judgement can motivate speakers to offer more valuable information. In this exercise, I tried to listen to others’ speaking in a new way. I didn’t express my own viewpoint during the conversation, instead I just gave some feedback , which encouraged him to express more information in details such as difficulties, motivations and expectations.
  • In addition, I find it is easier to understand speaker if I listen him with empathy. This is because it is possible for me to feel what he experienced from his information, which can help me to avoid misunderstanding.

b.Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

  • This exercise made me realise that there are a lot of things beyond what I know. As we familiar with a situation, we tend to take everything granted do not try to discover new things in our life. Defamiliarisation is a great way to encourage me to find new possibilities from everyday reality.

c. Empathic modelling

  • What I learned from this exercise is that I’m able to capture more things if I put myself in a unfamiliar situation. When I checked the pictures I took during this exercise, I noticed that there were a lot of totally new pictures, even though all the photos were took from the quite familiar building. So it is more likely to have new discovers if we are in a unfamiliar situation.