Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise
Reflective listening
To be a good listener, there are several important things that we need to learn. The first thing is to respect the speaker. It is impolite to bother others while they are talking. The second thing is to listen with thinking, which can help you understand the speaker’s feelings. The third thing is that do not predict what the speaker will say. In other words, do not listen with prejudice. The next one is to try to reflect in right ways, such as eye-contact, nod and facial expressions. This can show your interests to the content spoken. Do not reflect perfunctorily.

Defamiliarisation of everyday reality
From this exercise, we can learn that although we think we are familiar with all the things of our daily lives, we still ignore some details in our daily activities. Everyone knows that the apple will drop from the tree, but only Newton realized the existence of the gravity. It is an interesting exercise to teach us to explore and study the same things. Different people can get different information from the same things.

Empathic modelling
This exercise is to visit a familiar place with an unfamiliar view. Sometimes when you can not use your eyes to see things clearly, you can still recognize them by their color, shape or even sound. By doing this, you can even get more information which may be ignored before. It is a world which you cannot imagine without experiencing it by yourself. What is more, this also tells us how to design for users. Try to think and behave as a user and then you will know what you need.