•  Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

    a. Reflective listening

  •     When listening,it would be better to have some interactions with interviewee so that the interviewee will not feel stressful.In this way,they can express themselves more freely.
  •     What’s more,do not ask questions may be conductive,which may lead the interviewee and the answer would be not so real.
  • b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

  •     When watching the videos,I found so many things that I hadn’t paid attention to in my daily lives and I also came up with some new ideas about changing our surroundings to make lives better.I think it will be helpful to boost creativity.
  • c. Empathic modelling

    With the wrapped glasses and cameras,the world I saw slightly changed.When I looked at the lamp,I could see some rays of light and the pictures I took were just like the pictures being processed by Instgram.It was unfamiliar for me but also introduced me to a different new world.I guess this is the meaning of the empathic modeling is to let us explore the world in different view.

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