Reflective listening.

From my point of view, reflective listening is kind of interesting task that giving me insight in the empathy for the different roles. In this exercise, we spook the story that I imagine what will happen in 20 years time. I am not a great speaker because I am introverted therefore I may not be talkative to describe many great points with creativity at first. However, I thought I am happy with being a listener.  I could understand other’s opinion and try to feel what the person want to claim, even we might have some significantly different perception. I understand that everyone has different cultural backgrounds, therefore, we might have some stereotype toward some issues. Finally, I describe the story she talked about back.

Defamiliarisation Of Everyday Reality

In the second exercise, we were assigned to watch two situations related to the public transportation. One occurred in the train station and another happened on the bus. We need to observe the sounds and images, bring memories to the mind. we may easily ignore the everyday activities what we did, this activity can assist me to think about the daily activities that I easily forget, such as physical sensation.  In conclusion, it is helpful and useful to be detail-oriented for the designer.

Empathic modeling

This exercise is really funny and practical compared with the previous exercise. This exercise aims us to experience a familiar place from an unfamiliar perspectives . The photography I took is in the lecturer theater. Although I came to this place every week, but there are still some different situation when everyone participates this activity together. when we doing this, we have to rely on the sounds and colors to identify the things. It is difficult to overcome the fear  that walking without regular sight.