Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

  • Reflective listening

This exercise requires my partner and I started a conversation by choosing a question, and we exchanged the role so both of us experienced being a listener and a speaker.

During the conversation, we both felt casual no matter for being a listener or a speaker. Even be the listener, after throwing out the question, we just needed to listen carefully and patiently to the speaker, but it doesn’t mean being a listener, we just need to listen the whole time, as to the whole conversation, we felt it more like an interaction process. We had continuously interaction between us as sometime the speakers feel like there is some more to tell only when he gets some reflection or question from the listener.

During such exercise, I feel like it similar to the conversation I usually have in my life, in my own opinion, what should be noticed as a listener is that, people may ask some questions related to the topic which can promote the speaker to talk much than expected, but never judge what the people say, this is the basic principle as showing the respect to others.

As a speaker, the well-paced rhythm might be the most important thing to keep in mind. And also it would be better if could express the feelings and what you actually thought as much as you could.

However, the exercise between us, for me, might not reflect the real situation in the future interview. As we both are students and have similar cultural background, age and experience. It would be totally different when interview some one who might be quite different from you in terms of age, occupation and cultural background. All of them would make the interview much more difficult and stressful. And it is likely that with the stranger, the conversation would not go as smoothly as expected.

  • Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

I think this exercise is quite interesting to explore the experience and feeling of the things that we think are so familiar which we would easily ignore them.

Through such exercise, I, to my surprise, found that I feel quite the opposite between the mode of train and the bus which I didn’t realize before. Especially within the limited time and the freely reflection on whatever I think. In my first impression after the video, I felt calm down and peaceful for the train station and felt comfortable seeing people waiting or walking at the platform. However, while turned to the situation of taking the bus, I felt totally uncomfortable at that time as I could smell the unwell smelling in the bus, the shaking bus affected my stomach. However, when I discussed these with my partner, she had quite the different feeling by watching the same video. And she focused on the details of the appearance of the station and the bus interior.

I think this exercise is quite important to know how the people think about the things, and it is much trustful than the interviews as this way show straightway what the people thinks about some things or some experience. It is more genuine and more personal.

  • Empathic modeling

While the exercises learnt in the course before are all about establish a relationship with the prospective users in order to know what the users need. Sometime it may be different what we get from what the users really wants as the different cultural background or knowledge may lead to the deviation. However, the empathic modeling tends to put yourself in the shoes of others which enable you to understand other’s feeling immediately. Like the exercise we did in the class, by simply covering the glass with cling wrap, we create similar situation to the people who do not have clear eyesight, and we could immediately experience the difficulty of them being in daily life. Since that, we can more likely put forward men-centered design.

Nevertheless, when I think this is the most efficient and effective way to understand the user’s need. I also think it is not easy to conduct some empathic modeling in some case. So it is still worthy combine different kinds of researches to get much more comprehensive and accurate information to achieve the solution.