Blog reflection 04

1) Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

a. Reflective listening

I felt most comfortable in listener role because I enjoyed listen to speaker’s stories and understand her thoughts via asking questions. As a listener, I learned that it is important to think and feel on speaker’s perspective in order to ask questions that will encourage the speaker to express her deeper thoughts. On the other hand, as a speaker, I learned that using examples or own experiences will be very helpful when indicating a thought.

b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

In this exercise, I found that a piece of everyday life record contains lots of information. I could feel the environment and the emotions by involving myself into the video. And I could notice the details which I usually ignored in daily life. This method will be very useful on observing the daily life of users in order to understand their needs and feelings.

c. Empathic modeling

This was a very interesting exercise and I enjoyed the process of walking around and look the world in another view. I learned that everything got its own beauty as long as you try to discover it and see them in a different way. Even some very common seen object could turn out be very artistically.