In this week’s tutorial, Claudia guided us through an exciting activity of creating a Persona Template to represent users.

Mengwei personal template by Ellyna Tjohnardi

First things first, a Persona is a “fictional, generalized representation of your typical customer, based on your customer data”. (Riemersma, 2015). It is a useful tool to visualize the target or ideal customer or user of a product or service that you are developing. Once this ‘typical’ user has been captured in essence, the developers can then determine many things, including even predicting potential shortcomings in the future.

Describe your experience of creating a single persona from different users’ perspectives gathered in the interview data.

So firstly, we made a group of 4 people, who would interview each other to acquire 4 different profiles. Next, we were created a list of variables based on the data we acquired, such as age, gender, cultural background, motivations, goals, etc. We categorized the variables into continuous variables (eg: age, from 0 to 100) and discrete variables (eg: gender, male or female). After which, we filled in the variables with the names of the individuals that fall into that category. Since my group members are: Sarah, Grant, Vicky and myself (Ellyna), we used each of our initials for recording purposes.

Our group members’ personas, compiled

Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? Or would it have made more sense to create a second different persona?

Of the 4 members in our group, the most commonality was shared between myself and Vicky (as seen above, in circle oranges, E & V), and there were enough of them to generate a coherent persona. Whereas the other groups (G&V or S&E), do not share as strong commonality to generate a coherent persona, so there was no reason to create a second different persona.


In the end, this is the typical persona that our group generated.

Mengwei personal template by Ellyna Tjohnardi
Photo: personal archive

Do you think your final persona was successful in generating empathy with users? What would you change to make it better?

The above was just a d.i.y. persona template that I made myself, using what information that we managed to capture from the Persona Template in the tutorial book. Judging by the looks of it, our group did quite a good job in capturing a realistic and detailed persona using the template provided. Although I believe, if we were given the chance to interview more personalities, we would be able to capture more variables / commonalities to create a more comprehensive and detailed persona.


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