1.Describe your experience of creating personas from different users’ perspectives gathered in the interview data. Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? Or did it make more sense to create a second different persona?

A: The four of us decided to talk about public transportation, during the cross interview, we all brought in different facts and perspectives towards the way we interact with the public transportation system.  The diversity came from our different living area, travel agenda, travel frequency and more or less from our culture background. Following the instructions, we dropped interviewee names on 8 demographic and behavioural axes then some obvious patterns emerged up, from which we can see the names of two suburb based girls constantly appear next to each other, representing the users who live far from the inner city and have no choice but to use public transportation everyday, they are sharing surprisingly same likes and dislikes about the system.  We knew this is our persona.

Meanwhile we did debate about if our design would be narrowed if we only build one persona and miss out the needs of those users who live in the central.  Those users have more choices to get to their directions other than public transportation, e.g.: going to somewhere in the city through Uber is more affordable to them than to those who live in the rural area because of the distance.  According to the interview their frustration occurred due to low frequency of the bus and bad stationary information, those disadvantages of public transportation indeed got well covered by services like Uber  – call your own car at your own time reduce the waiting, real time GPS information assures the users they are in control of the trip.    However, if we build another Persona for those users and put these problems under the focus, we could have them regain the confidence of public transportation and use less private cars to reduce the overall traffic burden.

I believe the question if we need a second Persona or even more Personas, the answer is within the project goal, is it towards an overall optimisation of the entire public transportation?  For attracting more people to use it?  Or for improving the core experience of its majority of users?    When there is time limit and cost constrains, we might need to set single Persona to make sure the we are concentrated to achieve project goal most efficiently, otherwise a second or third Persona should be considered for an exhaustive design.

2.Do you think your final persona(s) was successful in generating empathy with users? What would you change to make it better?

A: Yes, our Persona is someone who can fully represent the majority of the users and lightly touches those areas that the rest of the users would go in.     To make this Persona better, I would like to involve more time and efforts in conducting interviews to collect more data from a bigger group of real users.


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