How did this exercise help you to build empathy with prospective users?

The exercise was very interactive. The affinity diagram once put together gave a very larger perspective of designing. It made a sort of very natural connect towards the user perspective. Reading the interview and understanding the key concerns by highlighting the requirement gave deeper insight to user demands. Overall the exercise was very helpful in building a deeper connect with user.

How did the clustering of information help you to understand user needs?

After reading the the interview, all the different points were put up in a post it. Once we formed groups , all of us ended up having different categories. Communicating and thinking together, we could categorise more precisely and ended up having lesser number of broad aspects to concentrate on. The clustered information was very helpful as it gave a gist of the expectation of the user.

What was difficult or challenging with the technique? How would you do it better next time?

The technique required extensive reading of the interview which was too detailed and the challenge was to pick up user specifications from their response to questions. Then once the points were highlighted, they needed to be categorised to broader groups which was cumbersome at the beginning.

We can come up with a better way to do this task in future. Hopefully we will learn them in the coming weeks :).