How did this exercise help you build empathy with prospective users?

This exercise was strangely informative in regards to how to process through a clustering of information given to you to find the most concise learning. Although time consuming, this exercise enabled me to create empathy through putting myself into the interviewee’s shoes and ask myself the question, “What would I mean by saying that?”. Through this method, I  found myself seeking further meaning from the interviewee’s words, and try to create a deeper understanding from what they were trying to say.

How did the clustering of information help you understand user needs?

The clustering of information in actuality, did not help me understand the user’s needs. However seeking deeper meaning from the clustering of information, and try to come up with an explainable one sentence points from what we read made me understand the user needs further.

Through this exercise I came to a realisation that, the clustering of information gained through questionnaires or interviews are not going to give the answer one might seek as a designer unless the said designer seeks through the mount of information and finds what they have been seeking. In that regards, the “clustering of information” was only a beginning process for me as a designer to help me understand the user needs.

What was difficult or challenging with the technique? How would you do it better next time?

It was fairly difficult for me to come up with one sentence headings that would collectively identify the different thoughts and informations I have gathered with my team mates in the yellow post-its. The headings that collected similar thoughts and ideas had to have a one sentence explanation that couldn’t be too vague, and it was highly challenging to collect the ideas from various interviews and find common groups for each of them with the given time.

Thus if I was to change one thing about this exercise, would be to give further discussion times with the team-mates in order to come up with the common groups of information in a more constructive and understanding manner.13978333_10154418384381552_1433733716_o