1. How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking? 

While the traditional note uses mainly words to express the ideas, the sketchnoting deliver someone’s thought through more visual way-drawings. In my own opinion, both of them have their own advantages, the traditional note requires less skills to clearly catch the information or idea, and also the notes taken by this way seems to be more accurate in reflecting the author’s original idea and be easily to understand by others. The sketchnoting, on the other hand, are with no doubt much more attractive, more visual and casual to other people. Also, I feel like when sketchnoting, it is a way not only try to understand the information I get, but also to express the idea emotionally. Especially when we did the line exercise by hearing the same recodings, everyone drew quite different line to show their various emotions to some extent which I think is quite interesting.

  1. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?


I think such visual approach make my ideas more clear and straightforward, and when I sketchnote the ideas I can immediately understand whether I catch or present the ideas properly when see the visual information showed in front of me. However, while I think I present the ideas properly, other may thinks it confusing as the drawings or diagrams done by myself may depend on some unique experience on my own, and as it require some drawing skills than the traditional note, it takes much longer time in sketchnoting than writing notes.


  1. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter. 


For me the most challenge thing is the drawing skill. While capturing the information, it requires me to analysis and summary the bunch of information I get in the short time and try to express them through drawing in the meantime, none of the process is easy and it becomes much more difficult while both of them needed to be done in a short time.

When I was taking the TED talk exercise, I stuck by the forth or fifth point I get, wondering how to use symbol or diagram to express that, and then only a few second of hesitation leads to the lost in the rest of continuous information. In addition, the structured diagram I tried to achieve broke down because the missing information in the process, and then became confusing in how to connect the following diagram with the rest of information. I would just leave some space if I were taking notes in that situation. But the visual diagram will totally confuse me if missing some part in the middle.

Though I think it is difficult for sketchnoting, I think on one way, practice more can no doubt improve such skill and understand better how to effectively use that. On the other hand, I think it still worth combine the traditional note and sketchnoting to make sure the information are taken clearly not only for the author but also for the other people as they both have their strength and weakness.

[will upload the images when the space is available]