• How is this technique different to the traditional note taking? 

  • Firstly,sketch noting is in a more free style. When having sketch notes, there are no rules and people can feel free to write whatever they like. In this way,there may be more unexpected and important information.
  • Secondly,sketch noting is always attached with some paintings,which facilitates other people to better understand the meaning of the notes.Meanwhile,it is also beneficial for note takers to memorize the notes they have taken.
  • Lastly,it helps people to reorganize the things they have learnt and at the same time people can find the connections between things more easily.

    How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

  • The time you take down the notes in sketch ways,you have already had an initial “map” in your mind.Then after sketch noting is finished,the “map” has shown.And in this way,you may realize the connections between things and add some lines, or you may want to make some changing.After all the changing, the final map will be more close to your thought. And for co-workers,it would be much easier to understood.
  • However,for the people who are reading your sketch notes,they may have different understanding,because the information on the notes are always brief and sometimes insufficient.What’s more,even if all the information are sufficient,the way you present those messages may influence what people see(i.e,when you check a cross under a tool to show that this tool is not a good one, somebody may mistake it as a symbol of “a chosen tool” ).

    Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

  • As for me,I haven not systematically learnt painting, so it is quite hard for me to express my mind through painting.And I almost have no idea how to organize the messages on the paper.I think it is mainly due to the lack of experience of sketch noting.So  I will work on it and have more exercise in the following days.