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Design is a state of mind

Blog Reflection 1- mcai9031

Tutorial 1- Blog Reflection- mcai9031

How was this sketch noting technique different to the traditional note taking?

Generally speaking, traditional note taking are featured as text only. With comparison of the techniques of traditional  note taking, the Sketch-noting would be much efficient and effective than traditional one because it is obviously to visualize the note-taking process. The shapes, lines, words even the emotions of sketch noting-taker are combined together on the a paper, which enables designers and note taker to recall and reproduce the contents not only by the word, but also by the graphics and the lines of objects.

On the other hand,  the traditional note taking are much objective. sketch noting technique elaborates and visualize the context, it would be special and fun in the produce process and designers are able to produce of signs of particular thoughts sometimes but it is crucially important case of subjectivation, which may brings misunderstandings in some cases. 

Although the sketch-noting has a wide range of benefits than traditional note taking, I do think that techniques should be attempted in according to the specific situation. 

  1. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

Sketch-noting has lots of benefits in facilitating communication. Specifically, icons, shapes, lines, as visual information , are able to convert the abstract and elusive concept into the explanation.

Conversely, people are grown in different backgrounds and explain the drawing and created objects from different perspecitves. In this way, cultural misunderstanding and conflicts may occurs in some cases. Therefore, some explanations and statements for interpretation should be noted.

  1. Personal challenges as a sketch-noter

In terms of personal challenges for me, time management, professional practices and lack of experiences are main constraints for me at this moment. Specifically,  I was so frustrating due to the fact that I haven’t learned and trained in the design or professional drawing classes before. I noticed that other classmates were able to draw the graphics and shapes in a short time and structure the sketch very quickly.They are so open-minded and imaginative to create new ideas. Due to a lack of practice, I may not able to design and create the objects as quick as other students who has been formerly trained in art-related background.

Also, the TED talk exercise is really challenging. I was stuck when there are many information pulling at the same time and I need to insert all the information into my brain to imagine the icons and expression then demonstrate it on the paper.Although I am a beginner but i do believe the practices makes perfect. I do really appreciate that I have a valuable chance to improve my design skills and capacity with the professional.

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