1. How is this technique different to the traditional note taking?

It is different in the sense that other abilities are required. The sketchnoter has to be able to understand, syntetize and transmit through  words, diagrams and drawings his/her ideas. While in traditional note taking, only words and maybe a few diagrams such as arrows, bullets or icones are used. Sketchnoting can be useful and effective as a communication tool specially for people that have good visual memory or when you want to communicate complex ideas in a more simple way, using a common language of icons and simbols.

2. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

As mentioned before, the effective communication of ideas through sketchnoting will depend on the abilities of the person who is taking the notes. If the sketchnoter has developed good sketchnoting abilities, this visual approach may help people understand complex messages in a simpler way and may be more interesting and dinamic,thus facilitating communication of ideas. On the other hand,  for someone who has no practice on drawing and sketching, this may be a difficult task and the final result may be counterproductive, in the sense that it may prevent the communication of ideas if the symbols, icons, drawings are not clear or if the visual arrangment of these items is confusing. The selections of icons and symbols used may also prevent effective communication when the message is aimed to people for whom different icons may have different menanings. The icons used have to be appropiate and understandable  for the audience.

3. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

As I don´t have any practice in drawing or sketching, this is a difficult task to complete. It is challenging for me to understand ideas, specially if these are complex, while at the same time being able to think how to translate those ideas into icons, symbols or simple drawings. Although I am used to traditional sketchnoting, I believe that this may be an ability that can be developed. I think that it would be easier if I can create the skecth after taking notes in the traditional way, as we did with the process sketchnoting. But listening, understanding, syntethizing ideas and sketchnoting at the same time was difficult.