1.How is this technique different to the traditional note taking ?

From my perspective, there are three differences between sketch-note and traditional note taking.

  • First of all, sketch-note can represent information in a more visually and directly way. It makes it possible to transform complicated words into visual elements such as icons, drawings, arrows and typography.
  • Secondly, this technique focus more on the outline instead of details because it is difficult to use visual elements to deliver all the information. However, by using sketch-note, the overview of a complicated system can even be revealed in one piece of paper, which makes it easier for people to get the general idea and avoid confusion.
  • Thirdly,  compared to traditional note taking, sketch-note is more flexible. There are a variety of layouts and styles people can choose in sketch-note, which can stimulate their imagination and creativity to make their own works.


2.How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

As I mentioned before, sketch-note is a great way to reveal information in a general way. Unlike traditional note taking, this new approach makes the complicated much more simple because it contains a wide range of visual elements, which means that readers are able to see the relations of these factors in a direct way. Therefore, it is easier to deliver the general ideas to other people and promote communication.

However, this new technique also has its disadvantages that may prevent the communication of ideas. Sometimes, the notes taken by this approach are probably uneasy to understand by other people because these visual elements were drawn by the author. In this situation, it is necessary to be patient to explain the notes to other people, which may take a lot of time.


3.personal challenges as a sketchnoter

  • Since I do not have experience in drawing and design, it is really hard for me to sketch all the things in my mind. So normally, I need to take a lot of time to take a note by using sketch-note.
  • Layout is also a challenge for me. I do have difficulty in planning the layout before starting sketch-note. When I was practicing this technique yesterday, I always find that the paper do not have enough space to finish the notes.
  •  I also find it difficult to arrange my notes in a logic and understandable way. Normally, the notes taken by me are very messy and no logic, which makes it hard for readers to find the relations. So it is necessary for me to revise my notes several times to make it clear and logic.

Sketch-note blow: