1. Not doing anything like this before I found designing scenes and shots to create the video sequence quite helpful and easy. It allowed us to visualise how the video would play out and by using different shots were were able to..set the scene, emphasise key elements, and create an understanding of the context without too much detail. The different shots and scales allowed us to crate a video that would be engaging to the audience. Writing the different narratives on cards and then changing the order was a great creative tool in helping form the story.
  2. Our story line was motivated by love and relationships which just came to us, which is interesting as our app was based on a cycling community and nothing to do with online dating. I guess subconcioulsy motivated by all the romantic comedies we’ve seen. The outcome of finding love was the opening scene and then how they got there though the app was reversed through the story line. The sciences, shots and story is below. All copy
  3. Im not sure we thought too much about the audience when we worked out the scenes and story. It was more what we found interesting and what would work hoping it would translate to the broader audience. I guess one of the key learning outcomes from this course to base design ideas on user research and understanding rather than own ideas. Not sure how this would translate into designing the scenes for the video though.