The Experience Prototyping workshop certainly got me out of my comfort zone – but that was after all part of the point of it.

Our group decided to tackle the challenge of sleeping in airplanes, focussing on the experience of red-eye flights. After a warmup got us thinking physically, The physical imaginations of setting a scene did actually start to help us feel and sense a memory we all had. It helped us to approach thinking about the problem in a different way without necessarily approaching things in a typical way.


We imagined the noises and pains that we would encounter, and began a divergent bucket list of product features for our “sleep helmet for long haul flights”. Our ideation was varied and additive (we didn’t cut things out too much by the time we ended the exercise, but testing the viability would be easily possible in another round of this activity).

It was possibly a little difficult to coordinate four people in through a bodystorming activity, as it involves physically instructing people to act out a scenario. It’s definitely a skill that could be developed.

I imagine that “experience” problems involving interactions in the real world would be the most suited to this activity.