1.How did physically acting out help to explore ideas?

We should mention the activity we did before acting: warm up. It did warm up. We tried to list all the terrible experience we had during a flight, and some of them resonated with others’. Some of them do bother everyone! Then we started to physically acting out after the warm up. Our acting was quite similar although we did not tell what to do: trying to get rid of the light and the noise( especially from a crying baby) around. So the acting out not only showed our most desperate needs, but also led us to make our mind to find a way to solve the problems.

2.Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through brainstorming? In what way?

Actually, the idea had come to my mind during the physically acting out. And by coincidence, another group member got the same idea. We wanted to make a device like sunglasses to get rid of the light from other parts, meanwhile add covers  over ears to get rid of the noise from outside. In this way, we solved two of the most annoying issues on the plane.

3.What was different or challenging about body storming?

We tried to make us look like sitting in the plane. However, because of the current limitation, we missed some opportunities to find out more potential problems, at the same time we tended to acting out what was in our mind , and usually they are the problem we care most.

4.Does body storming lend itself to certain types of problems?

We had two choices at the very beginning, one is in the airplane, the other is in the consulting room. Most people had been to those two places at least several times before, so we know what it likes, what happens, what the potential problems is, what people need. However, when it comes to a uncommon situation or complex one, body storming might can do little, for example, make a sandwich on the moon.