1. I think body storming is a great way to understand more about the user experience but for me acting out stilted my creativity as the more realistic the situation the less I felt I could explore. Thinking about what I was doing with my body distracted me from coming up with ideas. Im actually realising how rigid I am/ have become in relaxing in to a new process of discovery. I think with practice, a few glasses of wine and the right environment this process of role play would definitely help with ideas. I see the possibility of this as a useful tool and will defintately explore/ use it in the next assignment.

thumb_IMG_0068_10242. In the brain storming session we highlighted waiting as an issue, which we built and developed in the body storming session. We came up with ways to reduce waiting and communicate waiting times to people. These included symptoms register from home resulting in home visits, notifications of waiting times at the nearest medical centre, and then an in house notification system. So we came up with new ideas rather than refine.


3. A difficult thing about the process of developing ideas through body storming was building on a thread. One person would have an idea and then we would agree but it was a little stagnated. It seemed to stop and not develop. Some ideas also weren’t explored or captured as well as people were trying to figure out was role to take and how that would fit into the story. Perhaps a scenario to be discussed at the beginning on the role play would have been helpful.

4. I think the reality of the situation might prevent way out creative thinking. Body storming coupled with different characters/ personas I think would result in more creative ideas. Another problem might be the more extroverted people in the process driving the ideas.