1. Taking the position of an extreme user was something that Id never thought about/ used before so I was a little sceptical at first. However, once getting into it allowed me to be more creative rather that being literal and responding to my usual pattern of what would I do? It gave me freedom to be anyone which allowed a different perspective and definitely new design ideas. I found it easy and fun to come up with a character and different design ideas based on that character. It increased empathy for a different type of person living a different way.
  2. During the group work the design took on an interesting form. We went with something that was quite wacky so I found it hard to keep up and add to the idea pool. The cards during the exercise didn’t help that much although we only tried one and found it hard to link it through but I can see how this would be a good tool for some situations. It was good to visualise the idea through a story board, that was fun but didn’t add to the creativity at the time as the story was set. I think  the story board would be good at the beginning of the process and perhaps when brainstorming on my own. I think with the right dynamic as well as one chair person/ leader to filter the ideas would perhaps help the process.

Story board:

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I quite like the idea of using this extreme situation generator as a design tool so will try it in the next assignment:

Extreme Situation Generator