(1) How did taking the position of an Extreme User influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge? Was it different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

The experience of taking the position of an extreme user improved my ability of imagining different users in different situation & scenarios. In the beginning we chose the Trekkies (sci-fi, high-tech) group, and wrote the story about the person as extreme as possible. At the beginning, I was lacking of ideas of what to write, as behaviors of the majority of my friends, including myself, are not extreme. However, when I position myself in this extreme person, I started to gain ideas of what this person can do. In fact, when I position myself in the set scenario, part of my brain became the brain of this person, and the crazy ideas jumped out of my mind were all the crazy things that I’ve only watched from other social network medias. Then after the story is completed, as I start to really consider this persona as a real person, I started to consider what this person actually needs in his life. Questions including ‘Will this person require standard home furniture in his own house?’, ‘Will he use common social facilities which others do?’ and ‘Will this person thinks he needs particular things to fulfill his interest?’ all jumped out of my mind. Personally, I think the ideas generated for ‘making’ this person and the empathy created are not so different to how I usually generate ideas and empathy, as in both situations I need to really consider myself into their scenarios. But in comparison, what is different for this activity is how this person may think in different ways than what people usually thinks.

(2) Did any of the other design thinking techniques (design provocation cards, stories, storyboards, etc.) help you to work through ideas and collaborate with your group members?

As when we completed the story, the stories were shared between our group members. It was interesting to see what other group members wrote, and this sharing process also inspired me with other crazy ideas which I did not think of before. The process of drawing in storyboard really helped me to work through my ideas, as some of the ideas that created in my mind couldn’t be translated into words, but they can be drew on the page. The process of making the storyboard reminded me of the sketch noting that we did in the first tutorial, as the combination of texts and diagrams work really well in explaining some important ideas.