Reflective listening

I choose the topic of “The challenges of speaking English as a second language”. When I was speaking I just started with sharing my culture background and intro to my mother tongue.  I divided my life phases like School Going/ University Life/ Professional Life and mentioned how I improved my language skill in all  the mentioned phases and the problem and difficulties I faced throughout all the phases of my life. Hope this approach makes the listener to travel through my story and start empathize my situation.

Likewise my partner choose the topic of “The reasons you selected your professional background.” I like the role of listener. It’s remembered my childhood story time. She is changing many profession until she find the job satisfaction. Still her searching is continues…

According to the task, I conclude that the speaker has more responsibility to make the listener engaged with what we are speaking and let them travel through the situation and start feeling the situation of the speaker and empathize as him.

Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

This task we watched 2 videos related to public transport (Train/Bus)

First video recorder at Cirucler Quay railway station. While I am watching the video without any perception, these are following things came to my mind

  • My Morning walk to catch the train to office, Last minute run to catch the train.
  • Since the station near to my house is a slow station, normally it’s a big wait to catch the train in the off-peek time. Memories of waiting for train in 30 min time
  • Circular Quay station always a nice memory of my first visit to Australia and visit Opera house for very first time
  • Circular Quay is like a tourist spot for me since I used to take all the guests and new migrants to Australia to opera house using this station

Like the Second video about the bus travelling in local suburb

  • I hardly using bus for my transport
  • It remembers my first couple of month of life after we migrate Australia when we don’t have car we use bus for small distance travel.
  • Always I feel dizzy when the bus route have many turns.
  • Always I meet elderly people travelling in the bus during off-peak hours

This exercise recap all my memory and I just start feel like I am travelling in the bus/train while I am watching the video. I could relate many situation/memories in my life.

 Experience modelling

As part of the exercise we wear the safety glass wrapped with the wrap to make the unclear vision and start walking in the class room and took some photos with camera wrapped with wrap. All about this task we travel with unclear vision and took some blurry pictures of familiar objects.

Since I have some issue with my eye side, this task was quite tricky for me.

This task make the familiar places as unfamiliar since we missed the clear sight. So hard to identify the photos actually what I captured due to the blurry images.

This task clearly underline that when we design the product/Services we have to emphasis all kind of people situation and the problem with their sense.