Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise:

  • Reflective listening

I found it was really interesting to be an interviewer. I could hear the real voice of others and know more about them. Some of the questions are actually a bit difficult to answer and the answers of my partner were quite interesting, from which I have learnt a lot.

In the meanwhile, it was quite challenging as well. I had to hide my interest in some of the questions to make my partner go ahead as her own thoughts. I tried to reduce my words to the questions to avoid misleading my partners as well.

  • Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

“You do see, but you do not observe.”—Sherlock Holmes

When we did this exercise at class, this sentence came to me immediately. I take train and bus quite often, but never observe during the journeys. When we were watching the videos, firstly we saw many details of the train doors and the bus, which we may never notice before. After that, the videos reminded me some memories and feelings when I took trains or buses, which actually I never realised before.

  • Experience modelling

This exercise allowed me to realise how important the visual capabilities are. I can’t imagine if I would live a life like this. It made me start to think about something for special groups. Moreover, it was kind of interesting to feel the world just by sound or colours. It looked like a new different world to me.