1.) a.) Reflective listening I found to be the most enjoyable part of the tutorial, probably because it is something I have the most experience in. I think to do it well you need to be quick on your feet a little bit, in the sense that to gain deep and meaningful insights requires following some spontaneous tangents of thought. I also enjoyed the informality of the exercise, for us it was a very conversational interview, which I think is an important part in empathizing.

1.) b.) The defamiliarisation exercise was interesting, for me the public transport videos were quite odd, particularly the one on the trains. I’m not too sure if I particularly succeeded at the exercise particularly, I work at Circular Quay station quite regularly and the bus journey travelled past my old house and neighborhood so it was a 100% journey in nostalgia. I think I would have to do the exercise again with a different domain space in order to properly understand its conceptual applications.

1.) c.) The empathic modeling exercise with the glasses was quite interesting as well, I think it’s the type of exercise that really does lift the veil of everyday movements and experiences that are taken for granted due to their own ubiquity.