IDEA9106 Design Thinking

Design is a state of mind

Week 4: Empathy and Defamiliarisation


  1. a) Reflective listening: Listen, listen, listen. Do not disturb the speech flow of the speaker. And that was exactly what I did. Started off with a simple question:  Can you describe the things you really enjoy in life. I let the speaker voice out all her words, then only ask another relevant question when she stopped. =))  b) Demilitarization of everyday reality:  This is sort of challenging all our sense to work together, stay focus and need a good memory to recall the memories from the past. First thing when I see the train station, it reminds me of my girlfriend….lol! there is where we met for the first time! See! i’ve got a very good memory! from this acticity, one of the main takeaways is to pay a good attention on the video so that we can have a quality recall back time on what we feel. c)experience modelling: Takeaways: Sometimes we have to prepare for the worse to happen and rely on something else other the main dependent sense such as hands instead of eyes. This create empathy of people with disability. Somehow, Australia has one of the best disability infrastructure in the world I would say. The ministers must have gone for ‘experience modelling’ class before.
Guess whats this?
Thanks God for a good eyesight!
Defamiliariation form -Public transport



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