1. Brief reflection on lessons learned from each exercisea) I quite enjoyed the reflective listening exercise; it was interesting to hear Ponto’s perspective on what she enjoys about life, particularly as it was the same topic I chose to talk about as well. The coolest part was just learning about the same topic from another person’s perspective. It’s always interesting to hear what people enjoy to do, why they enjoy it, and just receiving an overall insight into the building blocks of who they are. As in, what makes them them. Definitely was a lot of empathy going on in hearing someone else’s view on what makes life f*cking fantastic!

    I also learned more about sympathising with those less comfortable in the spotlight; Ponto does not really enjoy being the centre of attention, and so it was not a super comfortable experience for her be the point of focus for 10 straight minutes. This was a reminder that a situation that I am completely comfortable with may be approached or undertaken very differently by someone else.

    b) The defamiliarisation of everyday reality brought a mixture of physical and mental memories to my mind; this allowed me to reflect quite vividly on the real-life sensations and feelings I had when awaiting the arrival of a train or riding the bus. It definitely put me right back into the mindset I was having at the time of each activity, as can be seen from the attached handwritten tables.

    c) This was a reasonably straightforward exercise; it was far more difficult to see when our glasses were covered in cellophane, and our phone pictures were noticeably blurrier when covered as well. In approaching a design problem, this definitely would allow for me to increase my empathy for the intended user.


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