How is this sketchnoting technique different to traditional note taking?

Compared with sketch notes, the traditional note taking may pay more attention to the written records, which means traditional words are more likely to use the some simple words, abbreviated forms and letter symbols to express the article meaning. For the process of sketch notes, it may more like a process of drawing a picture which comes from your brain and your mind. Therefore, the traditional notes just need people do a normal record and the outcomes from 50 people may be similar. However, the outcomes of sketchnotes from 50 people may totally different. Because words have their unified regulation but the images and shapes have not. The sketch notes may more likely to stimulate people’s creation and practice people’s ability of thinking since unlike words or letters, you need to create new shapes or images to express what you think.

So, we can conclude that these two kinds of noting have its own advantages and disadvantages and suit different kinds of works and situations.

The traditional notes may be suitable for some paperwork or official work, e.g. Translation. Because the aim of the notes is just for quick speed and original content and details.

The sketchnotes may suit some creative works such as design. Because during the process of drawing and create shapes, you will have more ideas make you to do more things you have never thought.

And some techniques of sketch notes in this tutorial make me get more understand of how to make a sketch note by using some simple shapes. The simple shapes actually can save a lot of time during my creation. In addition, the technique of Exercise 1 makes me feel the freedom of sketch notes which even make me surprised!

How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

Just like what I said in the former question, the process of sketch notes can actually stimulate your idea and creations. After layers and layers of connections between different elements, you will always want to add news things in it which you cannot think about if you do not draw a sketch note.

However, new ideas cannot always keep for a long time. For my opinion, Doing sketch notes is a good way to encourage people to have some new ideas but it is not a good method to keep new ideas for a long time, because creative pictures have not their regulation or standards. Therefore someone’s sketch notes difficultly got understand by others if someone does not explain it. And for ourselves, if we do not take any other actions to keep the new idea after we created by sketch notes, there is high possibility that we may forget some new ideas by ourselves, especially for some details.

Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

As for me, Firstly, I always feel hard to express my meaning totally by sketching. I always have a wonderful picture in my mind but it is very ambiguous, so i always wonder where shall I start my sketching.

Secondly, I cannot do some sketch notes quickly, therefore, it is always unavoidable to lose some information. But I think it is a normal thing.

Thirdly, building some different connections among different elements and make them sense to me. After some sketch notes, I will always find that WHAT A MASS!

Last but not least, the organization and layout of some sketch notes also are big challenges to me, which also include how to use the color suitable and beautiful. I think I can improve it by looking more samples and other good works or even reading some arts books(necessary).


An exercise in line quality




Step 1. Office




Step 2. Emotions


Step 3. Tasks



Step 1. Sketchnoting a conference talk.


Step 2. Sketchnoting a process