1. How did this exercise help you build empathy with prospective users?

From the interview transcript, I could understand what the user’s thoughts and behaviours were. The exercise was like reading a personal profile which helped me to recognise the user’s needs and desires.

2. How did the clustering of information help you to understand user needs?

This exercise helped us to integrate users’ motivations, needs, problems and interests and how these change with different users in different situations and backgrounds.

3. What was difficult or challenging with the technique? How would you do it better next time?

The poor quality of the post-it-notes made a difference to the grouping of the clusters, that is, they did not stick properly to the wall and rolled into each other making it almost impossible to read them. Some even peeled off the wall entirely.

For next time, I would get a good quality post it notes (e.g. 3M) and use black markers (should be bold and no strange smell).

Also, the space is important. We should have a very large wall or whiteboard and should close all of the windows so that we have enough space and the notes will not be blown off.

IMG_6249 IMG_6247 IMG_6245