Describe your experience of creating a single persona from different users’ perspectives gathered in the interview data. Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? or would it have made more sense to create a second different persona?

When creating our persona with Alex and Chris international students, and myself, a local student, we decided to pick the scenario of using puplic transport, and I felt that my colleuges would differ in their oppinions from my own. it was evident that the most  common Issues; cost and availability of buses, were  experienced by all of us at some period of using a transport network.

I believe that in our group there was enough commonality to be able to create a coherent average persona. Based on the findings (group of 3), it was evident that most users of the Sydney Public Transport system have similar likes an dislikes.

However, in the experience of a real situation, I think that the interviewing process, and questions that are asked, would be different to the ones provided, to get a more coherent insight. Also, the fact that we are all students, generally in the same boat, will tend to skew the data we collected, as it did.

Do you think your final person was successful in generating empathy with users? what would you change to make it better?

Yes, empathy of the user was represented as we all imagined ourselves in this particular situation.  Sharing with alternate groups gave us feedback to be able to make some adjustments in order to successfully represent the demographic.