Calling Brilliant Minds

If you haven’t thought about what group to be in for the Design Project, now is the time.

We are looking for a third person with strong research skills and an eye for detail to join our project group. The ideal candidate will be familiar with creative software and web tools. Some background knowledge of filmmaking is desirable, but not imperative.

We’d ask you in person, but you may have noticed that we’re very shy guys and our English is not so good. Personally, I haven’t uttered a single word in class yet. Our group currently consists of myself (Michael Tsimnadis) and Armando Breton. Armando is a talented designer and well-versed in graphics and 3D packages. He runs a four-man creative studio of his own in Mexico City and is all about getting the job done well and done on time. My strengths lie in communication skills, asset creation and time management. I run my own business offering digital and social media consultancy to SMB’s and have worked as an editor (both text and video), copywriter and designer in various capacities for 15 years.

Website Capture
Here is a glimpse into my level of organisation. I have already created a project management website on Sharepoint with a common space for documents, tasks, group notes etc., with Stage 1 of Assignment 2 already allocated tentative completion dates for subtasks and all other stages and tasks preloaded and ready to go.

Anyone who is interested, should stay back after class for a few minutes for a chat. Even if you don’t necessarily want to join our group, you might want to stay back and organise a group of your own. See you in class.