1.  How did engaging with a real person, testing with a real person, change the direction your prototype took?

Originally I had a lot of different ideas for how the gift giving process could be involved. I was thinking largely about the ease of use. By testing with a real person I thought more about his motivations for buying the present. It made my prototype focus more on using different techniques to determine what the present receiver would want rather than just focusing on the actual act of going to buy the present.

2.  What was it like showing unfinished work to another person?

It is a slightly awkward process because it was hard to convey the whole idea to the other person. As I showed them the sketches I had more ideas about how it would work. It felt like this evolution could be perceived as a lack of proper planning and forethought.


3.  As a User, how did you interact with your partner’s level of lowly-resolved prototype; how did the level of resolution impact your experience as a user?

I was unable to really understand the lowly-resolved prototype by looking at it. I needed my partner to explain what it was and the point of it. Because of this confusion it led to me feeling less connected to the solution proposed by my partner and instead made me think about what my own solutions to the problem would be.


4.  Design thinking is an iterative, self-directed process. Based on what you learned, what would you go back and do next? What would you do over again?

I would put more thought into how I would convey the idea to the user rather than just focusing on the actual solution itself. If the user had ‘got it’ more quickly I could have spent more time getting their feedback on the design. Showing how the design would look on a screen (the idea is to be on a touch screen like an ipad or touch tv) I think worked because it did give a sense of how the concept would actually function.


5.  What principle, what tool would you infuse into the work tomorrow?

I would want to infuse a user profile/persona so I could learn more about the user before I start designing. Because the design I came up with was 2 sided (opportunity for information from the gift receiver) it would be good to have an understanding of both the giver and the receiver.