1) At first, we just made an agreement on the topic of going to the cinema. Casually, we asked some simple questions also answer them one by one, such as what do you see in the cinema or how do you go home after movies, which sounds a little bit chatting and not targeted style. As can be imaged, the answers varied from person to person, and we hardly gather sufficient information for further probe. After that, we learned from before and carry out the interview about catching public transport in pairs. This time, we followed the questions showed in the textbook and try to make answers more specific and recapitulative.

2) After collecting demographic data, we mapped interviewees to continuum and multiple-choice variables. We listed several elements like use frequency, transport motivations and favorite features. Unfortunately, we found that it was hard to circle them into classifications, because limited people’ answers seem to be not so representative that we cannot make valid conclusion. Next time, interviewing more people and setting effective factors would contribute to a better outcome.