Design Thinking Blog 2 – rtur0229


I think the material iterations tutorial was good because it showed me what it is like to design when you are restricted by your materials. The answer not easy.

1) How did working through different materials help you to explore and express potential solutions to a design problem?

It showed me that no one material is the same so I found myself trying to manipulate them to fit my initial design. When they didn’t work I evolved my design to fit the material and so my concept began to evolve.

2) What kinds of information and inspiration did the different materials give you? Did you have a favourite material?

The different materials made me conceptualise the design in different way how I could create a similar result but through the restrictions the materials caused. I think the pipe cleaners were my favourite just for their manipulation abilities and their colour.

3) What did you change along the way? What did you learn from your prototypes?

I initially had this idea of water bean bag headrest and footrest. But not being to manipulate the materials to represent this I instead redesigned my design. Once you create a prototype you can really begin to see your design in hard form.

4) How well did you address your user needs in the various design models you created?

Not all that well I ended up designing just a chair really. I think I got lost in the materials and forgot about the importance of maintaining a defined goal in my design.