How did engaging with a real person, testing with a real person, change the direction your prototype took?

Having a focus group and knowing the needs of the user is very important. But having the user’s emotion involved in the process, drastically changes the path of what you first imagined (just with the needs) that the result would be.

What was it like showing unfinished work to another person?

Personally I was really stressed that my friend would not like the execution of my design due to the lack of materials and time.

On the other hand, my friend was having a lot of fun and was totally satisfied because everything was based on his needs.

As a User, how did you interact with your partner’s level of lowly-resolved prototype; how did the level of resolution impact your experience as a user?

My friend works as a bar tender so you may imagine the quality of his prototype. Watching him try his best on doing something based on my needs was really satisfying, but as a designer, most of the time you find things to improve on the way of creation. Right or wrong, I must admit I found lots of point to criticize on.

Design thinking is an iterative, self-directed process. Based on what you learned, what would you go back and do next? What would you do over again?

Based on my experience, I would go back almost on every step.

I would ask for more detailed info in order to have a good brainstorming backup.

I would also make a lot more sketches so at the end of the process I could make a really close to reality prototype.

What principle, what tool would you infuse into the work tomorrow?

I loved the exercise. I will definitely put more attention on the empathy area, on emotions and digging deeper.

These are great tools I will apply for sure in the future.