Abhiruchi Chhikara – achh2452

From the various exercises in the tutorial, I formulated the following problem statement :

Michael needs a way to select a gift that does not offend any traditions of different cultures because he wants the receiver to be happy and like the gift.

The solution I came up with was :

1. An app that allows you to enter in Gender, age and ethnicity to recieve advise on gifts to avoid.

2. Labelling on products  ( in shops and online shops) with warning sign about the gift possibly being offensive to certain traditions

All connected via a central gift traditions database.


  1. How did engaging with a real person, testing with a real person, change the direction your prototype took?

Things that I thought would be a problem weren’t as much of a problem with the person I was working with. So I had to dig deeper to see an issue that he could potentially have.

  1. What was it like showing unfinished work to another person?

The prototype was rushed and things didn’t look exactly the way I would like. I had to explain everything to the user. I didn’t want it to seem like that would be the quality of work later.

  1. As a User, how did you interact with your partner’s level of lowly-resolved prototype; how did the level of resolution impact your experience as a user?

Due the lowly resolved prototype, I had a lot of questions. I kept in mind that it wasn’t the end product and that the prototype did not cover all the features.

  1. Design thinking is an iterative, self-directed process. Based on what you learned, what would you go back and do next? What would you do over again?

Make a better/more developed version of the prototype. Look at the lay out of my labels, graphics, formatting bit closer to the latest product. I would also add the things that came up at improvements.

  1. What principle, what tool would you infuse into the work tomorrow?

This products has two streams : Labels on products,  online database and an app.  The success  of the product doesn’t not only depend on consumers  but also gift sellers.

I would like to map out all the key stakeholders and then interview them to get there feedback to further refine the product. I would like to conduct interview of more than 1 person from each group to make robust design decisions.


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