Week 4 blog Tutorial reflection – Extreme user Scenario Based Design (XSBD)[1]


The first step to creating any scenario is creating a profile for an extreme user, this was a lot of fun and if a number of them were done you could define the elements of a design that the general public will reject while eliminating a lot of assumptions that may limit the potential or your design.

The scenario’s we storyboarded based on these Personas were equally extreme but very useful for shaking off assumptions and expanding horizons of where this product could go and what it could do.

It was the combination of the two (Extreme persona and scenario of use) that really created the power of this tool for me, it made personal, all the “data’ that represented the people most likely to reject the public telephone and gave the otherwise ignored fringe population in my design process. This is not to say I am now designing for them, but, if a small tweak to a design will not sacrifice anything and engage use from a fringe group it is worth it, and without tools like this


[1] Term ‘XSBD’ is from an presentation in “CHI 2011” May 7th to 12th, by Jason Chong Lee, Tejinder K. Judge, and D. Scott McCrickland. http://people.cs.vt.edu/mccricks/papers/ljm11.pdf